Podcast Call for Entries: Craft Travel

Have you ever taken a trip specifically for a craft you enjoy? Have you visited Iceland, the Shetland Islands, or a farm in upstate New York just to indulge your fiber obsession? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience! Cute or quirky, fun or disastrous, your stories can be emailed to podcast@knitpicks.com. If we include it in an upcoming podcast, we’ll send you a “charm pack” of our favorite yarns!



  1. Wendy / March 21, 2016

    I live in Dutchess County, NY, home of the annual Wool and Sheep Festival at the Dutchess County Fair. This festival is amazing as it demonstrates kids with their little lambs, llama, alpaca. There are sheep shearing demonstrations, spinning and all facets of how the wool, of all kinds are turned into beautiful fabrics. I’m also lucky enough to love close to Kent, CT, home of the Black Sheep yarn store and Stickley’s of Rhinebeck is 5 minutes away. Overwhelming choices.

  2. Michelle / March 19, 2016

    I travelled the Vancouver Island, BC east coast by car from Sydney to Victoria then up island as far as Campbell River, stopping at every yarn and needlework store along the way. I found some wonderful hand spun and hand dyed yarns and beautiful patterns that I don’t have access to where I live. It was a wonderful week!

  3. Patricia / March 11, 2016

    I’m a big fan of what I understand is called “knitting tourism”. I like to find a LYS, and see if I can find some yarn that makes me remember my visit to that locale. My favorite yarn tourism experience – a trip to Alaska, where I got a skein of qiviut (which will become a scarf, with a native motif), and a local wool yarn (which has already been made into a lovely cowl).

  4. Chris / March 9, 2016

    Back in 1999 my mom, aunt and best friend decided to go to a summer knitting camp in upstate New York. We flew into Albany and then drove to the Fingerlake area. There we saw a beautiful old hotel next to the water, oh it was so lovely. We then found out It did not have air conditioning because you know it never gets hot there. Well wouldn’t you know it was in the 90’s, no AC and the hotel was undergoing renovations. It was awful, but we did get to meet Sally Melville. That made it all worthwhile.