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Swatching for Olive Knits 4-Day KAL

Olive Knits’ Annual 4-day KAL begins June 30th. Learn more about it on

I look forward to participating in the 4-Day KAL every year, as I know this is one of the projects that I am guaranteed to finish. I love the quick deadline, it makes me feel like I don’t have time to dilly dally around, or start a million new projects when I get bored after casting-on. The Lemon Spritz pattern was no exception, and I was eager to get going on my gauge swatch. 

I selected …

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What We’re Getting at the Summer Yarn Sale

The Summer Yarn Sale is in full swing, and even we can’t resists picking up yarn at a great price! Here’s what some of our team members are adding to their stashes.

I am stocking up on Summer Yarn Sale deals for my holiday gifting. I grabbed some Dishie Twist Kenai and Conch to make some dish towels. I always make new hats for my nephews too so I grabbed Estuary Heather in Swish Bulky and Lake Front in Chroma Twist Bulky. I have a few baby blankets in my queue too, so I stocked up on all of the colors of Brava Speckle, you can’t beat that price! 

— Hillary
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Episode 367 – Botanic and the Ice Fire KAL

An Asian-American woman smiles while wearing a lace wrap knit with 4 shades of pink mohair yarn.

We’ve got a beautiful new lace book out, Botanic: Nature-inspired Lace, and Lee and Stacey share the inspiration and some behind-the-scenes details. Stacey also gets excited about our new Foursquare Sunstruck needles. Plus, Lee and Stacey announce our summer break. We’re taking July and August off from podcasting, but we’ll be back with fresh episodes on the first Wednesday of September!  

Also in this episode, Lee and Stacey are joined by Andi, Jen, Regan, and Carlene to discuss how our Ice Fire KAL WIPs are turning out. Despite starting at the same time, everyone is at very different points, and we bet you can guess who …

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2023 Pride Flag Patterns

Originally created just for our social media followers, the Knit Picks Team worked together to makes these cute Pride Flags and pattern, and by popular request, we’re adding them to the blog for easy bookmarking and better accessibility! Included are charts and color suggestions for 13 flags, and other styles can easily be created by finding the flag with the right stripes sequence and changing up the colors. For example, 5 stripe flags can be used for Lesbian, Trans, Genderfluid, and more.

Graphic reads "2023 Pride Flag Patterns" and has 13 handknit pride flags for different identities.

Materials Needed

US 6 (4mm) Knitting Needles  

Palette Yarn held double (or use any yarn you have in the right colors!) 

Yarn Needle  

Colors in Palette Yarn

Trans Blossom Heather  White Sky  Bisexual Blue Lantana Rogue Pansexual Cyan Canary Cosmopolitan   Asexual Black White Silver Mulberry  Nonbinary White Black Safflower French Lavender  Agender White Black Silver Pistachio   Lesbian Conch Blossom Heather  White Fuchsia  Lipstick  Aromantic Black Silver  White Alfalfa Grass  Gay MenNavy Chicory Bluebell White Pistachio Tranquil  Shoal   Progress Pride Blossom Heather White Sky Black Hazelnut Serrano Orange Canary Grass Blue French Lavender  Demisexual White Black Silver Mulberry  Demiromantic White Black Silver Grass  Intersex Canary FrenchLavender  

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Square Knitting Needle FAQ

Foursquare Majestics are some of our most popular needles, and we’re very excited to now offer one of our most popular styles in one of our most popular colors with Foursquare Sunstrucks! A bunch of the Knit Picks team has been using the Foursquare Sunstrucks since we got the factory samples, and even skeptics who had never used square needles before fell in love. We know the idea of square needles sounds strange, but they’re so much better than you might imagine if you’ve never tried them! Here are the most frequently asked questions we get about square needles.


Are they comfortable?Comfort is the key feature of square needles! The flat surfaces of square needles give your fingers ideal places to hold …

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Episode 366 – Knitting in Public with Michele

Michele Bernstein, an Asian-American woman, wearing glasses and a brioche shawl

Knit in Public Day is this weekend, and we thought it was fitting to invite Michele Bernstein to join us for this episode of the podcast, because she will once again be joining the Knit Picks team for our own Knit in Public Day event! We talk with her about her current design passions, past small knitting events like Knit in Public Day, and bigger events with classes like Vogue Knitting Live. If you’re local to the Portland, Oregon area, we hope you’ll join us this weekend in Vancouver, Washington for our event. You can find more details on here on the Knit Picks blog.

Plus, Lee, Stacey, and Andi share their …

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Our KIP Day Event is This Saturday!

Graphic reads "Knit in Public Day | Mark your calendars June 10, 2023"

Knit in Public Day is this weekend, and we’re so excited to see knitters at our local event in Vancouver, WA!

When: June 10th, 12-3pmWhere: Hidden House Event Space in beautiful downtown Vancouver, WA.100 W 13th St, Vancouver, WA 98660Why: To knit together! 

We shared that we’ll have both indoor and outdoor seating and light refreshments, and now we can share more of the fun details! We will be joined by designers Michele Bernstein and Emily Kintigh with their trunk shows, and we’ll also have pattern samples from some of our latest collections for you to check out. 

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The Ice Fire KAL Starts Today

Today is the day to cast on your Ice Fire Wrap! With the KAL running June 1st to July 31st, there are 8 weeks to knit your wrap, and it’s no coincidence that the large repeat is worked 8 times! To get your wrap finished by July 31st, all you need to do is work a full repeat of rows 5-76 once every week until you bind off. 

If you ever get stuck, be sure to check out the resources in our Learning Center for help, or leave a comment here or on social media! Use the hashtag #IceFireKAL to share your own progress.

Resources for the Ice Fire Wrap KAL 

How to CO using the Long Tail CO

How to BO using the Basic …

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Free Downloadable June 2023 Calendar

Happy June! To celebrate, we have your free monthly calendar wallpapers. Enjoy these June 2023 wallpaper images (free download for you!) — featuring a few pops of color in Chroma Fingering, Curio #10, Palette, and Brava Worsted!

How to get the Wallpaper:

To get the free downloadable calendar background of your choice (smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers), simply click on the image of your choice to go to the full-size photo and then save it!

Free June 2023 Wallpaper for Desktop:

Free June 2023 Wallpaper for Tablet:

Free Blank Wallpaper for Zoom:

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