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Knit Picks Podcast Episode 342 – Sock It To Me! The Sock Construction Episode You’ve Been Waiting For

Socks are one of those milestone knitting projects that once successfully completed, help you feel prepared to take on more difficult projects. Knitters who haven’t taken the leap can be intimidated by words like “gusset” and “kitchener stitch” but on today’s podcast Lee and Stacey hope to help make socks less scary for sock newbies by diving deep into everything sock-knitting.  

First up, Lee and Stacey check in about what’s on their needles. Lee picked up a project that she started in 2019 while Stacey shares a sad knitting story with a happy ending. (Yes frogging can be happy!) Then Lee and Stacey disagree on how to knit socks: toe-up or top-down? 

Next, new Knit Picks team members, Michelle and Cathy …

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Meet Cathy, our Marketing Manager

Here on the blog, we love the chance to introduce the people behind our brands. We live our mission daily; to help crafters do what they do best: create, by supporting each other in our crafting adventures. Our Yarn Division has a new sock lover, aka our new Marketing Manager, Cathy Hut.

Cathy brings a wealth of knowledge in her professional craft as well as in her textile crafting. With 30+ years’ marketing experience gained in a variety of industries including tech, professional association and healthcare sectors, plus a stint as a newspaper editor in Texas, Cathy is already our go-to wordsmith and marketing guru. She earned an MBA in marketing from the University of Colorado, and undergrad degrees in journalism and political science from the University of Kansas. We are happy to have such an accomplished lady leading our team!

Cathy describes herself as “a lifelong knitter of middling skill, taught …

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Knit Picks Podcast Episode 341 – Get Published With Tian!

In this episode of the Knit Picks Podcast Lee and Stacey check in on their latest projects and Sara interviews Tian Connaughton about her latest course, Get Published.

First Lee and Stacey discuss returning to old projects and finding new inspiration from past work. It’s never too late to pick up a half-finished afghan and begin moving forward once more. 

Sara Dudek interviews Tian Connaughton, an expert knit and crochet designer, technical editor, author, and course creator. Since leaving the corporate world behind, she’s built a business around creativity, craft, and helping women build their own businesses that are profitable and sustainable. 

By asserting a goal-oriented attitude, Tian discusses the best ways to keep motivated after rejection and how to avoid taking disappointments …

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