Monthly Archives: July 2020

Podcast Episode 326: Staying Creative – New Crafts & Old Favorites

Today, we’re taking a short break from all things knitting and sharing some of the OTHER crafts we’ve been experimenting with lately. At Knit Picks, we are knitters too and we also do other things.

First up, Hillary and Hannah talk about what it’s like to learn a new craft from scratch. Hillary has been exploring the wide world of ceramics at home and Hannah has been dipping a tentative toe into punch needle! Everyone’s process of learning something new is different. They give some examples of things that have been helpful in their new craft explorations. 

Next, Stacey and Lee describe their recent forays into sewing. Both of them have been sewing for years but recently it’s grown into a full …

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Summer Color Palette Inspiration

Summer is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest! The warmer weather and dreamy golden hour light has inspired me to reach for some lighter weight yarns that capture the shimmer of a summer sunset and the comfort of a lazy summer day. I hope these color palettes will inspire you to cast on a new project or even try out a yarn you normally wouldn’t have thought of using!

Sweet Treats

A close up of a strawberry ice cream cone at the beach. Beneath is a color palette that consists of four yarn swatches in pink, lilac, light blue, and white.

There is something about sun-bleached pastels that put me into the summer mood. Dreamy shades of blush, grays, and …

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