Monthly Archives: January 2020

Anatomy of a Sweater

Does looking for your next sweater pattern leave you confused by all the terms casually thrown around? Raglan, saddle shoulder, empire waist … all of these design elements have their pros & cons, but if you are new to sweater construction, it can be a little overwhelming. We’re here to break down several of the most popular terms to help you find that perfect project!

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Podcast Episode 315: Knitting Needles and Knitting Cables

Today we’re going back to basics! First up, Stacey and Hannah share some insights into knitting needles. The most essential knitting tool, no matter your technique, pattern or yarn, choosing the right needles for each project is the very first step and can make a huge difference in your journey. Whether you’re dedicated to DPNs or curious about Interchangeable Needles, Stacey and Hannah cover the basics of needle selection.

Next, Gerda and Lee dig deep into the intricacies of knitting cables. One of the most impressive techniques, cables offer heaps of visual interest once you learn a few simple steps. They even describe how to cable without a cable needle and demystify some of the ways people use the word “cable” within …

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Happy New Yarn(s)!

Limited edition Hawthorne Marl Sock Labs sock yarn.

The 3rd week in January isn’t too late to be celebrating the new year, right? We didn’t think so either! In fact, since several of our newest yarns were delightfully delayed this last launch (insert an image of us cry-laughing here), we weren’t able to roll them out with the usual fanfare. Alas, the long awaited blog post announcing all (of the rest of) the exciting new yarny goodness is hot off the wordpress and ready for all you fiber fiends to peruse! Get. Ready.

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Podcast Episode 314: Finishing Touches

In the spirit of a new year full of crafting goals and bursting project queues, we’re taking a moment to think about the act of FINISHING knits. More than just weaving in ends, using the right finishing techniques for each project means you’ll have garments and accessories that will be treasured and look good for years to come.

First up, Erica and Hannah talk about the importance of taking your time. Each finishing step, from picking the perfect buttons to using the right techniques along the way, add up to a subtle but important difference in the finished project.

Next, Lee and Stacey cover the mysteries and intricacies of blocking. Truly one the last steps in the process, blocking can be much more …

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