12 Weeks of Gifting – Throw Me A Curve Scarf

It’s Week 6 of our 12 Weeks of Gifting! As the air outside gets colder, the perfect way to keep off the winter chill is a nice warm scarf – especially one that will knit up in a flash! This week, our free pattern is the Throw Me A Curve Scarf.

Throw Me A Curve Scarf - Chunky Knit Scarf from knitpicks.com

Designed by Triona Murphy, this scarf makes the best use of our super bulky yarn Tuff Puff and large needles to create a sweet chunky scarf. As the stitch pattern is only 17 stitches across, it works up quicker than you would think for a long scarf. This pattern is also perfect for those new to cabling, with the 2 stitch cables that will give you lots of practice wielding your cable needle, creating a soft wavy pattern all over the scarf.

Throw Me A Curve Scarf - Chunky Knit Scarf from knitpicks.com

And best of all, the wrong side looks great too, which is difficult to do with cable patterns!

Download your copy of this pretty pattern and check back here next week and find out our next freebie!

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  1. Anne / November 1, 2017

    Perhaps you could include crochet patterns. Your yarns produce some very nice crocheted items. Many of us older folks can manage a crochet hook easier than the knitting needles. Thanks much!!!!