My first colorwork project!

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had finally learned how to do 2-strand color work and continental knitting…  well I have my first project done!  Since I couldn’t find a pattern that I was ready to tackle, I decided to create my own!

first colorwork project

I used worsted weight yarn: Chroma Lollipop because of the long color change and black WoTA. (Wool of the Andes).  I love the look I got with the contrast of the two yarns!  and thrilled to find out that my floats are perfect gauge for stretch! (yeah!)  I’m anxious to try another… 

This was great for kicking up my enthusiasm for knitting back into gear!  and actually I’m so motivated that I’ve decided to design another hat, only this time with palette and little itty bitty needles!  eeek!  I guess IDP (Independent Designers Program) will be the next step…

thanks for all the encouragement.  And if you haven’t tried doing fair isle (2 strand) color work – it is much easier than it looks!  I admired it from a long way off, but afraid to try… oh the wasted years!!!

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