Back to school, and back to fall knitting!

Well, as if the shortening days weren’t enough to tell us that summer
is nearing its end, school is beginning again! Before you know it,
there will be a chill in the morning air. Better get started on your
super warm fall accessories now!

If you really want to chase the chill away, why not try the Burdock Hat and Scarf kit?

This is a super-soft, machine washable, totally reversible set. The
pattern is inspired by the Burdock plant, a Scandinavian thistle, and
Fana stripes.


The first hints of fall

Even though it’s still August, the first whispers of fall are in the
air. It was downright chilly this morning, and the sun isn’t really much
help when I get up for work. Colder weather is on its way – perfect
time to start planning your fall knitting projects!

Just right for fall is the new Viticetum Coat.
This duster-length coat has a pattern of swirling vines over a shifting
background. In fact, just as an Arboretum is a collection of trees, a
Viticetum is a collection of vines – just what you’ll find in this coat!

Smaller vine patterns appear in the edgings, and the coat is finished with elegant clasps.


Elegant Simplicity

Sometimes when it comes to lace, less can be more!

Inspired by the hardy, well-adapted arctic willow, the Salix shawl takes cues from a seemingly barren landscape that’s far more alive than you might think!

is a full-sized Shetland-type shawl knit in Palette. Above a border of
Shells is a low-lying row of Buttercups. The body of the shawl is worked
in a pattern of Pebbles, with little variations just like those on a
beach. The stand-out feature, though, is the willow catkin running up
the shaped center panel.


It takes two

Up here in the Northwest, we seem to be straddling two seasons. It
makes for rather interesting weather, and a difficult time finding
something to wear!

It’s for those occasions – the not quite spring but not yet summer,
warm sun but cool breeze, the-AC-is-on-a-little-too-high type of days
that inspired the new Gemini Vest.

This tunic-length vest is knit in Stroll and Stroll Glimmer,
making it soft, shimmery and machine washable. The lower bodice and
back are knit in a subtle stranded pattern of diamonds that is echoed in
the lace upper bodice.


Good things come in threes

That old addage has been used to describe so many things, but it’s certainly true for the Ternion Knee Socks kit!

The Ternion (fancy word for a group of three) Knee Socks kit
features three patterns for three different pair of knee-high socks
that use three totally different techniques. There are the stately
Cabled pair, which feature intricate front cable panels and twist-stitch



It’s raining Cats & Dogs!

Cats & Dogs Satchels, that is!

Knit in Wool of the Andes Sport,
this satchel is messenger-bag style and is big enough for a laptop,
schoolbooks, a knitting project, and of course a bag of treats for your
favorite furry friend. The body of the bag knits up quickly in
stockinette, and there are options to knit the strap and the inside
front pocket plain or in an adorable paw-print pattern.

But the real draw of this bag is the tesselated pattern of adorable Westie dogs and lounging black kitties!