Among the Bamboo Blanket

Blankets are one of my favorite go-to projects for baby showers and little ones – there is just something really special about putting one’s time and efforts into a larger project like a blanket or throw. And even though it is a bigger commitment than say, a sweater or a hat, I like knowing that a blanket is sure to get a lot of use and will be there, even as the little one gets older.

I tend to lean towards simple stitches for these larger projects, but the super adorable Among the Bamboo Blanket is definitely tempting me to reconsider my simple ways the next time I need a baby blanket project. My favorite part? This pattern is available as two different kits: a colorwork version and a knit/purl textured version!

Among the Bamboo Blanket (colorwork version)

I love that there are very different options that both reveal an equally charming panda set against a bamboo stitch pattern. The colorwork version (shown above) uses intarsia to create the image and would definitely be a fun challenge for me! If you are new to intarsia but need an overview to help you along with this technique, be sure to watch Kerin’s Intro to Intarsia video below. As usual, Kerin is a wealth of information and shares lots of wonderful tips.

On the other hand, if my tendency for keeping things simple wins out – I’ll be sure to go with the textured pattern (shown below). This version uses a combination of knit and purl stitches to create the scene of a lil’ panda among the bamboo. Not only is it perfect for people like me who might want something simple to work on (especially during rainy weekends filled with Netflix movies), but I also think it would be a wonderful project for beginning knitters looking to tackle a larger project. The simple knit/purl combination means that you focus on the basics while getting familiar with charts (though written instructions are included for the single color version too)!

Among the Bamboo (textured version)

Both of the kits include Comfy Worsted, which means that these cute blankets will be super soft and easy to care for.

Do you like simple textures for blankets or do you prefer a challenge (like colorwork)?

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  1. Marcey / May 30, 2013

    I really like both versions of the blanket. However, purling hurts my left hand and I’ve never tried intarsia. Kerin’s explanation of intarsia makes it sound too simple. Thankfully, I’ve learned to knit and purl backwards for entrelac.
    I wonder if there is a simple project to learn intarsia with??