An Interview with the Splendiferous Angela!

Have you checked out our newest kits yet?

The 2 versions of the Splendiferous Stripes Shawl kit were rather fun for us – the pattern is by our former coworker Angela Modzelewski (who we all miss very much!).  But even as she’s gone on to her new projects, she keeps in touch since she has such fun patterns in the IDP program!

I did a quick interview with Angela to see what she’s been up to and to chat about Splendiferous!

What inspired Splendiferous Stripes?
Working so closely with Kerin, I’d noticed that a lot of her patterns are based on numerical sequences that are found in nature. So when I started designing the shawl, I approached it like a mathematical equation where I was adding and subtracting rows of longer and longer neutral stripes to see how it would impact Chroma‘s color shifts. There were charts and diagrams involved. It was fun for me, because I usually start designing a pattern with an idea of what I want the finished product to look like, but designing the shawl was more of an experimental process.

What difficulty level would you say this pattern would be?
It’s actually pretty easy to knit. The most difficult part of the shawl is juggling so many different balls of yarn. I think it would be good practice for anyone who wants to start knitting colorwork patterns.

It lends itself to some great color combinations – do you have a favorite?
It’s hard to choose! Knitting with Chroma is so addictive. I’d love to see a really soft, subdued version of the pattern because I tend to pick the brighter colorways with more contrast. I bet it would be really pretty in Wondermint, Natural, and Grey.

How long have you been designing?
It’s been a couple of years now.

Which your favorite pattern?
It’s gotta be the Kitty Cat Paw Mitts and Hat. That was the first pattern I designed, and it all started with a Halloween costume. I didn’t know that deciding to dress up like The Bus (my cat), would launch me into the world of pattern design! The Bus is 13 years old now. I think he’s mellowed out a bit, but he’s still a cranky old man. He’s discovered a new spot to nap on the couch, so he’s been pretty happy lately.

Anything new coming up?
I’ve decided to embrace my crazy cat lady tendencies. I’m working on a pattern that involves colorwork, cats, and hearts.

What else have you been working on?  We miss you!
I’ve been busy! I miss seeing my co-workers from Knit Picks every day, but I really like my new job at SheerID, even though there is no “free box” of books and yarn. Working from home has been an interesting transition. I’m also still coaching junior roller derby and volunteering at the humane society and Fences for Fidos.

Thanks so much Angela!

You can get the  Splendiferous Stripes Shawl kits in 2 colorways,- Fall and Winter. Or get the pattern by itself for just $1.99 and choose your own Chroma colorways!