Monthly Archives: January 2013

Podcast Episode 205: Illuminated Lines Pattern Collection Interview with Kerin

together enchanting colorwork and captivating cables – Illuminated
captures the magic of Celtic art and culture with six exquisite
designs. Hear all about how Kerin’s interest in Celtic culture inspired
this new and exclusive pattern collection. Kerin and Jenny talk through
each of the six patterns in Illuminated Lines, starting with the
inspiration for each design, how that translated into the concept and ultimately into the knitted pattern in addition to the design details that make each piece a …

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The Coziest Granny Square Blanket

I’m free! The holidays have passed and I have wrapped and mailed the
very last of the knit things since I last posted. But now that’s all
done with (until my mid-July panic about making presents begins again)
and now I can move on to projects that I’ve squirrelled away for quieter
times. I have a box of the special buy Chroma Worsted stashed since this year’s Cyber Monday sale (oh all those lovely blues!) which I’ve finally been able to start dipping into.

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