Monthly Archives: August 2012

Podcast Episode 193: Interview with Mary Scott Huff

This week, Kelley gets a chance to catch up with designer Mary Scott Huff. One look through her book The New Stranded Colorwork and you can clearly see that Mary’s passion is definitely colorwork knitting. Which is exactly why she’s the perfect person to write a book of the techniques for color knitting! Her new book Teach Yourself Visually Color Knitting highlights Mary’s expertise …

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Weaving in Ends

Weaving in your ends is one of the last steps in finishing pretty much any project, and is almost impossible to avoid one way or another. Now, how you weave in yarn ends – that is a whole other story! There are so many different ways to weave in ends. Some knitters save all of the ends for last, some weave them in every few inches as they go along their projects. And sometimes, it also just plain depends on what kind of yarn you are using!

And in this case, we have a handy video tutorial that shows you just how to make sure those ends stay woven in when you are working with smooth yarns and plant-based fibers like cotton and linen blends. So grab your tapestry needles and get ready to finish all those projects that have a few (or many!) leftover ends still hanging out.

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Eat Your Veggies!

I knit some wee veggies yesterday! I rediscovered Wendy Phillips’ FREE Carrot and Raddish
pattern tucked away in the middle of my (rather extensive) Ravelry
queue and quickly knit one little radish and two cute carrots.I was so charmed by them that I couldn’t help myself and added some beady eyes and stuck sewed some pin backs to them. Now I’m ready to venture out on the town, taking my little garden along with me!

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