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Playing with Color… and Math!

Ever since we introduced Chroma,
I’ve been enjoying its versatility for patterns. The subtle color
changes turn simple stranded knitting into complicated-looking
colorwork, and even plain stockinette into works of art. So how about
some stripes?

One of my favorite things in Astronomy class in college was examining
emission and absorption spectra of various elements and then looking
for them in stars. Not only was the science fascinating, but it was
beautiful as well. When we were tossing around ideas for a new sweater
in Chroma, my thoughts turned immediately to those lovely spectra.

Obviously there would be quite a problem working a full spectrum
line-by-line into a sweater. There’s just too many rows, and the colors
wouldn’t line up with their correct nanometer values! Not to mention it
would need to look nice in colors other than just the bright spectral
rainbow. So, I decided that the Fibbonacci sequence would deliver the
perfect result. And the Chromatic Pullover is the end product!

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Podcast Episode 172: Interview with Hannah Fettig & Alana Dakos

This week, Kelley catches up with Hannah Fettig of Knitbot and Alana
Dakos of Never Not Knitting, authors of the new book Coastal Knits! A
collaboration between two good friends who just happen to live on
opposite sides of the country, Hannah and Alana created a collection of
patterns that are inspired by the coasts that they reside on. Hear all
about the long-distance teamwork of these two designers and how they
made Coastal Knits a reality in …

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Baja Travel Journal – Knitting

Remember how I have been wanting to return to the mantra simplicity
of sock knitting? A pattern with enough interest to engage my mind but
simple enough to knit whenever I had even a little bit of time.

Cindy’s Socks – they have now been officially named — are exactly
what I needed. They are so perfectly matched to my knitting needs that I
finished Cindy’s pair in record time.

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The Win Your Wish List Contest is Back!

We have great news!  We have decided to bring our Win Your Wish List
contest back this year and, instead of just having one winner like we
did last year, this year we will have THREE!  That’s right, three lucky
people will take home $50 worth of goodies from their wish lists. 
(Insert SQUEEEEs)

Entering is super easy and can be done in just a few easy steps. 

Click “read more” for more details on how to enter.

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Advanced Cabling Techniques: Intarsia Cables

In the second installment of our Advanced Cabling Techniques video series, we add color to our cables! In last week’s video, we highlighted how to create multiple crossing cables, which are cables with a three dimensional appearance that makes it look as though you are creating interlocking rings.

This week, we shine the spotlight on intarsia cables! These eye-catching cables are combined with the colorwork technique known as intarsia, allowing one section of the cable to be in a different color than the rest of your knitting. The best part is, with only the help of a highlighter or marker, you can easily transform any cable chart into your very own cabled, colorwork creation.

Check out the second Advanced Cabling Techniques video to start adding intarsia cables to your projects!

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Adventures in Dyeing


The idea that a simple walk down the street or through a park can take
you past a dozen different plants able to color your yarn in a stunning
range of shades has piqued my interest since I was gifted a guide to
natural dyes two years ago. Since then I have tried onions, indigo,
coreopsis, goldenrod and scotch broom to dye my handspun.

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Give your holiday knitting a Finishing Touch

Now that winter is nipping at our heels and the holiday knitting
season is in full swing, it’s about time to think about quick, warm
knits. What better than fingerless mitts? They’re versatile, quick to
knit, and make great gifts.

If that sounds like a good idea to you, why not try the Finishing Touches Fingerless Mitts Kit?

This set comes with the patterns and enough yarn for five pair of
coordinating fingerless mitts. Each of the five pair is a little

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My First Weaving Project

My very first weaving project is done! Just yesterday afternoon, I took a bit of time to put the finishing touches on my weaving project by braiding the ends and tying them off. Although my edges aren’t quite even and there are a few flubs here and there, I have to say I am quite pleased with my first attempt at weaving with a rigid heddle loom. And the colors are simply stunning, I love the way there are bright pops of teal and lime green, but overall, the colors seem so well balanced.

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