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Win Your Wish List Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s Win
Your Wish List contest- we had over 4,800 entries in just one week! We
selected three participants at random as the winners. Congratulations toTara Paine, Rebecca Bryant, and Kara McIntosh! These three lucky knitters each won $50 worth of goodies from their wish lists.
It’s fun to see what’s on everyone’s wish list this year. You can visit this page to get a peek at Knit Picks’ most wished for …

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Fana, Faroe or Fair Isle?

I’ve just completed about half a year of knitting for charity,
family, and pretty much anyone who isn’t me. When I told my husband that
what I really wanted for my birthday this year was to knit something
for myself, he emphatically agreed! (and of course added that he wants
something too.)

I want a new sweater. Not that I don’t have a bunch already, but there’s just something awesome about new
things, you know? I went into my craft room and saw my completely insane
stash and immediately drew a blank. With so many choices, what should I
knit? So I implore you, dear reader, to help me decide!

So far this year I’ve knit myself a Setesdal-inspired sweater, a
colorwork yoked sweater, a lace panel cardigan, and a stranded pullover
with Turkish-inspired patterning.

So, what next?

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Choosing a Contrast Color

I have a significant, documented obsession with Jared Flood’s Turn a Square hat pattern.  Whenever I’m in the mood for instant gratification and a not-too-hard-but-not-too-simple project, it’s my go-to for a basic watchman’s cap with a nicely shaped crown.

For these hats, I had a lonely skein of self-striping yarn in my stash (I think it’s Merino, it didn’t have a label).  I knit up a quick hat using the Wool of the Andes worsted in Mink Heather as the contrast color, making a small dent in my stash and leaving me with more than 50% of my mystery self-striping yarn.

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Race to Wrapped – How to Choose Buttons

Buttons can be one of the last finishing details that you put on a sweater or cardigan, and it is just as important to choose the right buttons for your project as it is to find the right yarn. And if you have recently checked out our selection of buttons, you know just how many options, styles, materials, and shapes of buttons there are to choose from. So in the spirit of all the holiday knitting I’m sure everyone is busy with, we put together a handy tutorial on how to go about choosing a button style that works best for your project and yarn so you can put the finishing touches on all of those WIPs with confidence.

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Win a copy of Knits That Fit!

I love a contest and I’m pretty sure you do too.  Well we have another one for you. Are you tired of putting so much work into a project that just doesn’t fit right? Knits That Fit
is a wonderful guide to making garments that are tailored to suite your
body style and size. I found two extra copies that are looking for a
new home. So the solution is to have a blog giveaway!

Knits that Fit

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Baja Travel Journal – A rough start to Catavina

It’s a good thing that we had a nice rest in the wine country because
you can see we had a bit of an adventure as we began the Baja half of
our journey. 

Another bit of serendipity was that our tire monitor showed low
pressure as we were driving through Ensenada. Just across the street was
a transport truck repair shop. We parked at the curb and asked for
help. We before we knew it, everything was handled. A gentleman at the
truck shop called a friend who had a tow truck. The tow truck friend
whipped off our tire and patched it right there in the street! The whole
process from monitor notification to being back on the road took about
an hour.

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Introducing Full Circle!

Some of you might have noticed a new yarn at Knit Picks today. You can call it happenstance, a coincidence, or simply a happy twist of fate – no matter how you look at it, I think it is a wonderful sign that our newest addition to the special reserve line up, Full Circle, was launched on America Recycles Day! This yummy, single ply yarn is made from a blend of Merino and Highland wool fibers that would have otherwise been discarded. This allows the mill to reduce waste and conserve our valuable resources, while you get to enjoy an amazing blend of fibers that help the Earth!

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Pom Pom Bunny

Pom Pom Rabbit

Back in my very first post here I mentioned that I wanted to make a mini Linus. When Linus’ fur is completely grown out he very much resembles a giant
pile of roving with the addition of two very long ears and two very pink
eyes. So, my first try at making my very own pocket sized Linus had me
reaching for that silky, glossy Bare Gloss Roving. The silk and merino in this particular roving mimics Linus’ beautiful shimmery fur so well!

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Baja Travel Journal – Wine Country

By our third day of rather hard driving down from Vancouver, Bob and I
were more than ready for the indulgent part of the trip. Ensenada is a
large wine region just south of the U.S. border. We planned two days at a
winery bed and breakfast with winery tours for Bob. Since the rest of
our lodgings on the trip were going to cost very little, we felt
comfortable with a little splurge.

word of creative warning. While sitting in the car as Bob drove, I
chose to amuse myself with a new photo editor on my Galaxy Tab. Then I
couldn’t figure out how to remove my little experiments. That is why all
but one photo has a “cool” frame around it.

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