“Yarn Bombing”- what do you think?

We got an interesting call this week from a representative of a local park in Cape May, NJ.

Since late February, a team of mystery knitters has been “attacking” the park by attaching swatches of knitted fabric to trees and lamp posts. You may have seen the story on Facebook, Twitter, or Ravelry, CBS picked up the story so it got a lot of media attention. Most of the town’s residents like the guerrilla knitters and don’t mind the addition the park’s landscape.
If you haven’t seen photos of the park yet, you can see them on the CBS web site and get the whole story.
The caller told me they know the identities of the “knit bombers”, but have decided not to release them, but the mayor and the town are supporting the knitters. They wanted to know if we wanted to partner on some events and if we had recommendations for charities they could support. I suggested the Preemie Project and Project Linus and offered to send raffle prizes for an event this summer and a knit in they’re holding in the park this weekend. On a whim, I also offered to send the two mystery knitters each a nickel plated Options set. I figured those are our fastest, slickest needles, and if the worlds fastest knitter likes them, the “knit bombers” might too. I mean, that’s a lot of stockinette to knit in one night!
Of course, Cape May’s mystery knitters are not the first yarn bombers in history, and I’m sure they won’t be the last. What do you guys think of yarn bombing? Is it funny and harmless? A public nuisance? A waste of yarn? A great way to recruit new knitters? A way to beautify our urban landscapes? I want to hear your opinions!