Winners of Entrelec: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting

Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway! It was so
fun to see how many people were inspired to learn entrelac and give it a
try. Unfortunately, we were only able to pick three winners.  To select
winners, we used a random number generator that chose our winners based on the number of their comment. 

Our winners!

#29 Tami Hunt

Wow,that looks fun! What a fun giveaway!


#395 Cindy Kester

This is a technique I would really love to learn. I want this book! It
looks to me that it would be the best way to learn this technique.

#701 Feisty Irish Wench

OOOH! I have a friend that tells me entrelac is easier than it looks,
and since she’s 1500 miles away, she’s not here to show me. I’d love a
copy to learn from and share with the friend that taught me to knit!

Our winners have each been sent an email and as soon as we hear back
them, we will ship them their prize. I am sure that all of our winners
will soon be on track to make some really beautiful entrelac projects
thanks to Rosemary’s wonderful book.  If
they do, we will be sure to post them!  Thanks again everyone!