Video Tutorial: How to Line the East Meets West Bag

Bags, purses and satchels are such fun accessories to make, in addition to being a quick and chic way to add a pop of color to any outfit. But sometimes, depending on the size and shape of your bag – it can lack the structure of a bag or purse you might find at the store. Lining and reinforcing your bag with a stiff interfacing is great way of adding structure and support to any bag, but it can seem like quite an intimidating process at first. This is exactly why I teamed up with Kerin to create a step-by-step video tutorial on how to make the most of your bag with a little fabric, stiff interfacing, and a few other supplies.

In addition to the aforementioned fabric and stiff interfacing, you will also need thread to match your fabric, a sewing needle, a good pair of fabric scissors, disappearing ink marker, fabric adhesive, a press cloth or an old piece of fabric, a steamer or you can also use a spray bottle and an iron. I know this may sound like a long list, but the results are well worth it. The stiff interfacing that Kerin uses is called Peltex 71, which is a fusible adhesive where one side of the interfacing features an iron-on adhesive and a soft, felt material on the other. Kerin also gives tips on installing closures onto your bag and shows you how to install a magnetic closure.

This video lesson has a total of 8 videos that show you everything from measuring, ironing, assembling and inserting the lining to sewing down the edges and installing a magnetic closure. Check out the first video in Kerin’s How to Line the East Meets West Bag series to hear more about supplies you’ll need and an overview of the process!

Kerin has designed some amazing bags and purses for Knit Picks, including the East Meets West bag. When we first got back the sample, I was instantly in love the colorwork and I couldn’t wait to see it transformed after Kerin told me about the process of how the bag would be lined. Lo and behold, I was amazed at the bag she showed me after it was reinforced with Peltex and lined; the entire shape and size of the bag changed into this clean and crisp work of art.

As Kerin goes over in the video, not only will lining your bag add some much needed to support, especially for bags with odd or unusual shaping like the East Meets West bag, but it will help keep your bag looking like new! The stiff interfacing will prevent pens, keys, knitting needles, and crochet hooks from poking through your bag and creating possible problems by snagging or ripping stitches. It is the final step in ensuring that your knitted or crocheted bag will stay in great shape for a long time.

Although Kerin demonstrates this technique on the East Meets West bag, you can easily take the lesson and translate it to other shapes and sizes of bags. Chances are that most purses or bags that you will come across will have a much simpler shape than the semi-circle construction of the East Meets West bag. And with Kerin’s guidance, you’ll be moving through the finishing steps of lining your bag in no time at all.

You can find all 8 videos on the Knit Picks tutorial page by clicking on the following  link:

Kerin’s How to Line the East Meets West Bag video series