(Note: Our wonderful Purchasing Director Teri is one of the biggest cheerleaders for Brava – here’s her experience with it! You also may recognize her son Tyler from several patterns currently on our site such as the cute Duck Hat. – Stacey)

As soon as I heard we were getting acrylic yarn I rejoiced!

There are many reasons, one is that I have tons of allergies to all types of natural fibers (wool, angora, cashmere, I could go on…) and another really big reason is I have a two year old boy. Washable is one of my favorite words these days. My son, Tyler, has been growing like a weed and has managed to outgrow all of his newborn crocheted blankets that his GiGi (Great Grandma) made him and they are his absolute favorite for naps and car trips. He gets so warm when he sleeps but he likes to have a blankie on him to snuggle with so the “holey” blankets work best! I sent GiGi some bright colors from Brava and told her Tyler needed a blankie that had stripes and was big enough to sleep with but not too big so he can still use it in the car. He received that and a bonus pillow!

They turned out so cheerful and fun! Here he is using them. Don’t ask me why he decided he needed to curl up in a dining room table chair during snack time to break them in but again I’m glad they are washable!

Here he is trying to wipe his dirty hands on me… Such a boy!

Tyler’s blanket is made with the sport weight Brava in Celestial, Peapod, Orange and Caution.