Very silly things

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me and my brain cannot seem to handle complicated long term projects. Not to mention my usual “I must knit everyone a gift for Christmas” mindset. Luckily I’ve recently discovered the wonderful patterns by Danger Crafts – mostly from reading these message boards! (thanks, NoKnitSherlock!). I love them – they are adorable & take little time for my poor distracted mind. Not to mention using up those random balls of yarn I seem to have!

Here are some of my favorites:

This is Crowley, made from Merino Style. He’s actually for me (oops, so much for those Christmas gifts!) The pattern I used is Frances but I made it a boy instead. 🙂 I named him after a character my one of my all time favorite books:

He now sits on my desk with my other silly creatures – Fredrick the Giant Pickle, Emo the Very Sad Piece of Coal and Little Boo The Bat

Another couple of guys I’ve made are these cuties:

Sorry for the dark photo! These are going to my 3 year old niece & made with Comfy so they are very hugable.

One more that I have photographs of is Greeny Maddox. He is huge, made with a superbulky yarn I had in my stash

I think he looks so happy & jolly! He’s very hugable as well – I made him when I was very sick and stuck at home so it cheered me right up.

What have you been working on? <