Tutorial Photoshoot

This is Spencer, our intrepid photographer. He’s getting all his lights set up in my kitchen so we can photograph a special dyeing tutorial for our June catalog. We were very fortunate to have an overcast day so we didn’t have to deal with bright sunlight coming in the kitchen window.

This is Alison, who has outlined every photo we need to take to go with the step-by-step instructions she’s written. The only free space in the whole kitchen for her to take notes was between the burners (don’t worry – they weren’t on at this point!) on the stove.

Hard at work. Honestly, tutorial photography days are really fun! What I like best is the “behind the scenes” look of all the piles of supplies and things that are just outside the photos you get to see, which we carefully shove out of the way for each photo angle so that you think we are working in a nice, tidy space. Not so!

Until June when this new tutorial comes out, we have plenty of dyeing supplies to keep you busy! We use Jacquard Acid Dyes and Bare yarn for most of our dyeing, and here are some basic, how-to, getting started dyeing tutorials. <