Tiger Stamped Hat

A bunch of us are making gifts for little ones in our lives (or soon to be!) and I’m certainly going to be knitting up this week’s Freebie Friday pattern:

This is the Tiger Stamped Hat by Kate Oates!

It’s so cute!  It’s a simple little beanie with a pompom but it has a fun little tiger paw on it.  You actually knit the paw print separately, then stitch it on (so no colorwork knowledge needed).  It’s finished with a little crocheted brim (there’s also an option for those who don’t crochet).

Kate did hers in Shine Worsted, but there are so many options to choose from – how about Brava in Paprika or Orange and Cream?  Or maybe something a little warmer but still soft like Swish Orange and White?  You could even change up the colors – there are a ton of great variations on the Ravelry project page!

It’s no surprise that Kate Oates has such an adorable hat – she’s an expert on them!   She has two fantastic eBooks currently for sale – Topped for the Year and Math for Hats.  Both have wonderful & creative hats that are fun to make – and wear!

I really love the Ruffled Striped Hat, personally.

I think I know of just the little girl who this would be perfect for!

Check out Kate’s eBook’s here

Topped for the Year

Math for Hats

And here’s the freebie pattern again!

Tiger Stamped Hat

Have a great weekend everyone!