Taking stock of my WIPs

Football and cool weather are setting off my autumnal nesting urges. I want to settle in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea and knitting. But, what knitting? Part of my nesting urge is to finish off WIPs. A version of tidying up my cave before settling in for a long winter’s nap.

Since I took this photo of my Tic Tac Toes socks, I’ve turned the corner and I”m heading towards the toes. This is only the first sock. I chose to knit one sock at a time with Magic Loop to handle the two-color knitting more easily.

Ha! This one is definitely in need of some attention.

After my start with EZ’s Anniversary Shawl using the Magic Loop, I completely floundered. I don’t know why because the pattern is straight forward. What I need is an entire Saturday of college football to get my lace knitting rhythmn established and then I will be able to get this Pi shawl back to its Take Along Knitting status. That’s the whole point of knitting a circular shaped shawl – easy to carry along with me.

This mini-skein is all I have done for the drop spindled striping in Alison Hansel’s Leftovers Vest. I have quite a bit more spindling to do before I even start the knitting. But, the vest is knit in the round so I’m confident my progress will be gratifying.

Of course, I have a couple pairs of socks in progress but I never count this “simple” socks as WIPs.

That’s it! Not as bad as I thought. This upcoming Saturday? EZ’s Anniversary Shawl!