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I never thought I would say this, but I guess Drake and I have something in common.

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Two words in the English language that bring me complete and utter joy: sweater weather. Cardigans, pullovers, hoodies, oh my! The sheer thought of covering myself in cozy, comfortable garments provides my brain with the same calming effects as consuming multiple cups of chamomile tea. With a bevy of collections on our site to choose from and patterns to be inspired by, you’d be hardpressed to come up empty-handed in the search for YOUR perfect sweater. Here are a few of the sweaters on my wishlist, along with a  few other sweater-isms.

The Harley

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Raise your hand if you would live in this sweater. I love that the Harley sweater is chic enough to dressup for a date night at the brewery, yet also has an ease about it that makes it a natural choice to throw on before hitting up the grocery store. Multi-tasking garments are a must in my closet.

The Bistort Pullover

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This colorwork is calling my name! I love everything about the Bistort Pullover. The botanical inspired yoke , the color palette, the fit. EVERYTHING.

Comfy Boyfriend Crochet Sweater

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Who needs a boyfriend when you have a cozy sweater? I kid, I kid (sorta). The Comfy Boyfriend Crochet Sweater is crocheted in one stitch, resulting in a contemporary look that will leave you feeling comfortably stylish through the chilliest of days.

Besties from the Windward Collection

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Pictured here are two of our newest stars from our Windward Collection, the Diamond Lattice Pullover and the Straight and Arrow Cardigan. Both are great options for when you’re feeling professorial and want to look the part.

The Sweater Book

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A veritable “Choose Your Own Sweater Adventure”, The Sweater Book provides options allowing you to pick the pattern style you want and then customize it by adding sleeves of various lengths, a different neckline, or waist shaping to fit your body.

Put a pin on it!

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Last but not least, you’ll want to adorn yourself with this ridiculously cute enamel sweater pin to achieve peak meta sweater status.

Remember to enjoy these cold blustery days while you can. We’ll all be lamenting the summer heat before we know it.

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  1. LeslieW / January 29, 2018

    I have been obsessing over the Harley sweater. It is perfect. I have the yarn at hand, just might have to make this one.