Summer Yarn Sale: Last Chance Yarns

Even with over 1,000 yarn colors still on sale as part of our Summer Yarn Sale, any savvy shopper knows that the juiciest deals are always the closeouts. Our most avid fans will know to look out for the “Goodbye” tag to spot the yarn Knit Picks has discontinued and might never carry again, not only for the deepest discounts, but also for precious stash building. Many of those colors will never be available again! At least once, I’ve been the happy beneficiary of a blessed soul that stashed a discontinued color on Ravelry that happened to be the *one* skein I needed to finish a project. You never know when the project your stash saves will be your own, so let’s explore some of the best deals and final chances still available right now.

Special Reserve Yarns

Galerie, Momo Merino, and Chroma Lace

We see a lot of different yarn at Knit Picks and, much to our everlasting sorrow, we can’t bring all of them to you all the time. Occasionally we’ll find something that’s so unique, fun or interesting that we simply can’t resist and we make it available, but just for a limited time. These are our Special Reserves. Occasionally we’ll have one that defies the odds, always seems to come out on top in the yarn discontinuation Thunderdome, and manages to stay around (I’m looking at you, Dapple), but most of these yarns will never be seen again. Once these are gone, they’re probably gone for good, so grab them while you can!

Goodbye Yarn Lines

Aloft, Super Tuff Puff, and Chroma Twist Fingering

We’re always on the lookout for new yarn to bring you, and you know we’re always adding fantastic new yarn to our selection (my recent favorite is Provincial Tweed, my main motivation for wishing Autumn forward). The bittersweet consequence of that is that we sometimes have to say goodbye to some old favorites. The sweet side being the opportunity to get some wonderful yarn at an amazing price.

Goodbye Colors

7 colors of Stroll Tonal, 7 colors of Chroma Fingering, and 13 colors of Billow

There are some yarns that will probably never go away (and there’s no “probably” about that for Hawthorne, which we’ll do our best to offer until the heat death of the universe). Rather than letting these color palettes languish and continuing to flog the same trusty hues year after year, we like to put some of those well loved tones out to pasture and bring in fresh flavors for your fiber favorites. Part of this might also be that we love developing new color combinations so much and we have to do *something* with all of the palette-y goodness that our team of talented designers turns out. Be sure to grab the disappearing dyes in these perennial picks before they’re gone.

Stroll Tonal
Chroma Fingering
Hawthorne Speckle
Stroll Gradient
Dishie Multi
Alpaca Cloud Fingering/Lace

Going away. . .For now

Capra Capretta/DK, Gloss Lace/Fingering/DK, and Preciosa Fingering/Worsted

And finally, we have a handful of special cases. These precious families are currently on clearance discount and set to vanish entirely from the Knit Picks line up. . .at least in their current form. (Cue dramatically mysterious sound effect.) There are some yarns that we just can’t let go of and we refuse to do without the lofty elegance of Capretta, the luxurious luster of Gloss, or the princess-skin-approved Preciosa. However, all of these are undergoing major redevelopment! Although we think you’ll be even more pleased with what we have planned, that does mean that almost none of the current colors of these yarns will be available again. If you have a particularly cherished color, you’ll want to stash it away now!

And, of course, you’ll want to browse the whole sale, from Brava as low as $1.39 a ball to the hand-dyed 100% silk Luminance Hand Painted at a jaw-dropping $10.19 a hank. The sale ends July 23rd, but if you get your order in by the 18th, you can save even more! Spend at least $50 and the more you spend, the more you’ll save, up to $20 off. AND you’ll qualify for free shipping. With so many deals and last chances on your favorites, it’s definitely the time to order.

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