Sasquatch party!

Alison and I also made a pair of Sasquatch from the fun new pattern by Nina!


We both had a lot of fun making these – since we live in the Pacific Northwest, we’re always on the lookout for Bigfoot.  Alison even has a card on her desk in case she spots one !

Picture 519 

And our guys turned out so different – even though we both followed the same pattern, you can see in the first photo how unique they are, all from just a different knitting style.  That’s the great thing about toys, gauge doesn’t matter as long as the stitches aren’t too loose.


Alison’s is smaller than mine – I like to call him a tough scrappy guy.  She used Palette for the face – and I love his expression.  No one will mess with him!  She also liked the marble look of the strands of Suri Dream & Palette held together so kept him unbrushed.  He’s still very hugable!


My little guy on the other hand is a fuzzy monster!  You saw him hiding in Angela’s post the other day. I’ve been calling him Rolf because while I was knitting it, I was reminded of Rowlf the Dog from the Muppet Show (who was always one of my favorites).  I brushed him out with a cat brush and I love how he looks (I especially like how his hair on his head sticks up).  My embroidery skills are not great, so I just used some safety eyes – I used red ones, thinking I might make him look evil but I like the way he looks with just the eyes, a sorta sweet, slightly confused Sasquatch.

We really enjoyed making these – they were very quick knit and the short rows were a great addition – it totally creates such an interesting face because you are actually starting at the nose! All of us here can’t wait to see more of them knit up.  We are especially lacking in Yetis so if you make one – post about it in the thread that Angela created on the Knitting Community so we can see them!