Podcast Episode 184: Interview with Hunter Hammersen

We simply adore Hunter Hammersen, and we were all super excited when we heard the news of a new book in the works! After months of waiting, her latest book – The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet – is finally available and it features a stunning collection of socks patterns as well as a variety of accessories. In this week’s episode, Kelley reunites with author and designer, Hunter Hammersen, to chat about the process behind her latest book. Similar to her first book, Silk Road Socks, which features sock patterns based on oriental rugs, Hunter shares her inspiration for creating a collection of designs inspired by curiosity cabinets. Hunter explains just what exactly a curiosity cabinet is and gives Kelley a brief overview of their history and importance. She also chats with Kelley about how curiosity cabinets inspired her new book and how she was able to translate a collection of botanical prints into beautiful patterns for socks and accessories.


You can find both of Hunter’s ebooks here:

Silk Road Socks

The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet


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