Odd inner dialog

I know I have fallen off the grid for the last few days but I have two good reasons.

First, a whammy of a migraine. I have been using a lovely medication for about a year that I absolutely love!! If has made my frequent migraines non-existent. The only downside is that only determined migraines get through the medical stockade. Set off by a huge change in our local barometric pressure, this one had a great start and took full advantage of the opportunity. Ever since I was quite young I’ve anthropromorphized my migraines – just short of naming them. Anyway, this one kept me company for a couple of days. I have something to look forward to after a migraine goes away – an odd, manic frame of mind and lots of energy. You guessed it – I cleaned.

My second reason involves secrecy and is best described by relating my inner dialog the last few days.

“Oh, everyone would love to see __________”!

“Nope, it’s for the next Knit Buddy Giveaway. It’s a surprise!”

“I love this!”

“Too bad that it is for a magazine article. Can’t share!”

“Umm, very interesting design.”

“I’m glad that I’m knitting it now but it is from a designer whose work we won’t be featuring until January.”

Are you beginning to see my problem? I not only have a terrible case of “Startitus” but it all seems to be clandestine!!

After taking a deep breath last night, I was able to rationally list out my current projects on the needles and I came up with one I could share with you! The first of my Angora Frost Socks!

I am also working on “props” for my next YouTube video series on knitting mittens. That won’t be ready for a few more weeks but I figured I needed to give something other than a photo of one sock! 🙂 <