New knitting rule!!

Have one pair of socks in progress at a time!

Last weekend I finished off the second pair of Ric Rac Socks from The Little Box of Socks. After that I took a critical look at the two pair of socks that had been languishing in my knitting pile. I made myself be honest about why I had been leaving them sitting for so long. It turned out that there weren’t any excuses, I just ended up not liking that patterns once I got started.

If I am completely comfortable giving up on a book I’m not enjoying because I know there are thousands of other books out there waiting for me, why do I get all worked up thinking about abandoning a project? Particularly one as small as a sock. The other justification for ripping out the two pair of socks is that I never seem to dislike a yarn when I am working with it even though I may not like the pattern. By ripping I am saving the yarn from a terrible life in a plastic bin in my closet.

By Monday morning I had only one pair of socks in progress and I am astounded at how quickly the second sock has come along. I have it with me at all times and I have become completely comfortable taking it out and knitting even just a dozen stitches. I have great hopes for my new rule helping me knit my way through the large stash of yarn I have from Sock Summit!!

Now, about the Ric Rac Ribbing Sock pattern. It is an absolute delight! I like it with hand-painted yarn like Imagination. The twisting of the stitches breaks up the color a bit. What I love about the Little Box of Socks is that the patterns are constrained by the 3-page format of each booklet. That means a lot of punch has to be packed into a simple design. Usually easy to memorize repeats.

Have to go knit my socks, now! <