New Colors in Dishie!

Have you ever knit or crocheted with our 100% Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn, Dishie? Perfect for dishcloths (hence the name) and hand towels, Dishie can also be used for garments and accessories, too! I like to use it for toys. It’s so durable, that the toys always come out ready to be be played with for years to come.


Recently, we’v added a few new colors to our already extensive Dishie range of hues. Check them out!


From the top left we’ve got Lilac Mist and Eggplant, sure to become favorites for Spring cardigans. Ash is a nice contrast to any brighter color you choose. On the bottom is our new staff favorite, Mint, while Douglas Fir and Clarity would be lovely for any home decor item you choose to make.

What have you made in Dishie? Do you have any plans for it in the near future? We’d love to hear, in comments!

Notes: Hot Air Balloon Pattern is from the book “Amigurumi Winter Wonderland (now 40% off!) made in Dishie colors Clarity, Mint, and Ash. The Yeti pattern is Fuzzy Yeti and Sasquatch Pattern  made in Palette and Aloft Yarn (30% off Aloft until the end of March!) in White.