My drop spindle arrived!

Actually it arrived on Monday but our office renovation has left me so exhausted at the end of the day that I couldn’t do anything other than read and rest every evening. This morning I not only woke up ready to bond with my new little friend but I was determined to learn how to “Navajo Ply on the Fly”! More about that later.

Let’s start with the comfortable feeling that came back amazingly quickly! Remember that my “crushed” spindle was a Golding Aromatherapy Spindle. I loved it but I decided that I wanted to replace it with a Golding Celtic Sheep spindle. The same size and pretty much the same weight so I shouldn’t have any trouble starting back up with my sock yarn spinning.

Love, love, love Golding Spindles!! And, I am so grateful to Abby Franquemont for my finally truly appreciating the joys of spindling. Look at me!! All happy spindling!

It’s a good thing that I took the time to enjoy my spindle before I tackled the Ply on the Fly technique worked out by Tammy Rizzo. Another spindler, Rosemary Knits, made a lovely YouTube video.

Now we get to the frustrating part of my day. I need help from anyone who has grasped the technique. I keep watching the video but I feel awkward and slow and cumbersome. You probably noticed that I deliberately grabbed some of my old, undyed roving for practicing. Thank goodness! I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to waste some bit of favorite luxury fiber on my horrible attempts.

I am going to keep trying later tonight when I am home. But, send me your comments or advice. I now feel as though a fiber gauntlet has been throw down and I MUST master this technique! <