Meet Lisa, from Dicentra Studio

A while back, I got to spend the day with Jen, from Hanks in the Hood and learn all about how she makes those goregous spinning batts of hers! Additionally, Jen was kind enough to take some time to share a bit about herself, how she got drawn into the wonderful world of fiber, and her inspiration. And it was awesome! I find it so amazing that so many different people can connect with something as simple as fiber and yarn, in such a lovely and inspiring way.

I simply love hearing these stories from everyone I meet. Which is why I was thrilled when Jen asked if I would like to also spend time with Lisa from Dicentra Designs! My answer was a resounding yes, the more – the merrier! I got a chance to sit down with Lisa, an amazing fiber artist, to chat with her about her love of all things color, fiber, spinning and of course dyeing. In addition to dyeing her own yarn line, Dicentra Designs, Lisa also helps Jen, from Hanks in the Hood, with the processing and dyeing of the stunning silk hankies! And with Lisa’s love for bright and vibrant colors, it’s no wonder that her color sense is a perfect match for working with Jen’s fearless color combinations. Just look at all of the amazing colors you’ll find in the silk hankies from Hanks in the Hood to see for yourself!

To hear more about Lisa’s color inspiration, the process for dyeing the silk hankies, and some of Lisa’s favorite ways of working with silk hankies – be sure to check out Lisa’s video!

And if you are new to silk hankies, remember that you can follow along with our video tutorial on how to use  silk hankies.

How to Use Silk Hankies

And if you love Hanks in the Hood as
much as I do, be sure to check out our video with Jen Andersen, another
lovely and very talented fiber artist. Jen was also kind enough to do
an entire demonstration on how she makes her layered spinning batts. It is pretty amazing to watch, even if you are new to spinning (like me!).

Meet Jen from Hanks in the Hood

Drum Carding Demo with Jen from Hanks in the Hood

Have you tried working with silk hankies yet? I’d love to hear more ideas and inspiration for these lovely layers of silk!