Luxury Yarn Sale, Save up to 40% off!

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Over 500 of our most elegant yarns are currently on sale in our 2017 Luxury Yarn Sale! Now through January 2nd you can find silk, cashmere, alpaca, and mohair all on sale and ready to be lovingly crafted into beautiful, stylish designs. From our regular radiant dyes and handpainted colors to the limitless potential of an undyed bare, our luxury yarns come in a dynamic range of colors to help you to realize your project’s most deluxe potential.

Luminance yarn glamour shot.
If you’ve ever wanted to experience the delicate gloss of 100% silk, our Luminance is the perfect yarn for you! Use this lace weight, vibrant yarn to construct charming shawls and scarves to wear when you want to look your absolute fanciest. And if you’re looking for inspiration to go along with your new fancy fibers, the Luxurious Lace Collection book is a great place to start.

Capretta yarn glamour shot
The soft dreamy warmth of Merino and Cashmere is within your reach with Capretta! This fingering weight yarn lays the groundwork for beautiful, lightweight creations that are easy to wear time and time again.  The Caddington Wrap is a fantastic pattern that makes use of the beautiful drape of this deluxe yarn.

Galileo yarn glamour shot
Capture the incandescence of the night sky with the softness of Merino wool and bamboo in our Galileo Yarn! This sport weight yarn features beautiful drape and silkiness, while the softness of the Merino gives this wearable yarn a decidedly opulent feel. The Althea Clutch pattern is a classy way to showcase your fashionable fiber choices with this lovely yarn.

Chroma Worsted yarn glamour shot

A myriad of colorways gives you a fantastic abundance of choices with Chroma! Our favorite superwash wool and nylon blend yarn is available in both worsted, and fingering weights. You’ll have no trouble finding the right combination of colors and transitions to create elegant designs you’ll be excited to wear daily or on special occasions. Our Color Shift book is an excellent and enjoyable way to bring out some of the best creations possible with this bright and exciting yarn.

Wonderfluff yarn glamour shot
Baby Alpaca, Merino, and nylon come together to make the softest, fluffiest, most wonderfulest yarn: Wonderfluff! This bulky yarn makes surprisingly lightweight items you might mistake for actual clouds.  A beautiful Bloom Blanket makes fantastic use of this yarn, and it’s a perfect time to take advantage of our luxury yarn sale to make a big project you’ll want to cuddle up with every chilly morning.