Luminous Luminance Silk Yarn!

Boy, do we have a treat for you! Check out breathtaking our new silk laceweight yarn Luminance.

Luminance Silk Laceweight Yarn from

This absolutely stunning yarn is our most luxurious yarn to date – it’s 100% silk – and the colors are just so deep and gorgeous. I have a box of it near my desk and I just want to pet it all the time! I don’t often knit with laceweight yarn but I think I’ll be making an exception for Luminance. It also has an excellent price – $10.99 for 439 yards – most other silk or silk blend laceweight yarns are at least twice that!

Luminance Silk Laceweight Yarn from

Check out those gorgeous blues!

Luminance is wonderful for shawls, scarves, cowls and even lightweight tops – you’ll want to keep this close to your skin. In fact, we have a beautiful stole in our gorgeous Joyful Lace collection that shows off the beauty of Luminance – Austen by Kirsten Singer.

Austen Lace Stole by Kirsten Singer from

When we got the sample in the office, all of us here were just ooing and awing over how wonderfully this yarn knits up, not to mention how well it worked with Kirsten’s intricate lace pattern. I think all of us were ready to cast on a new project right then and there!

If you want a bit of a smaller but no less gorgeous project, check out Joyce Fassbender‘s new (and free!) pattern, Papillion Choker and Wristlets.

Papillion Choker and Wristlets by Joyce Fassbender from

Also knit up in Luminance, this pretty pattern features lace butterfly motifs and sweet beads to give your outfit a romantic flair. The drape & softness of Luminance is perfect for small accessories like these – and you’ll feel like an elegant star anytime you wear them!

While these patterns are so pretty, I’m such a newbie when it comes to lace knitting so I’ll want to try something a bit less intricate for my first time using this yarn. One pattern I’ve been a fan of for several years is the lovely Camber Cowl by Veronica Webb.

Camber Cowl Pattern by Veronica Webb

It’s a much easier pattern for a beginner! Since it was originally done in a silk blend yarn, Luminance is an excellent substitution. I can’t wait to cast on!

We’re so excited for everyone to get their hands on this yarn & fall in love with it just like we did. Check out all 15 vivid colors of Luminance – or if you prefer dying your own, we also sell it in 100 gram undyed hanks too. Once you touch this yarn, there’s no going back – let us know what you think!




  1. Bindingdiva / August 21, 2016

    Hi, wondering the best way to block this yarn. I’ve just completed a top down triangular shawl, with beads. Although the yarn seems quite strong, I wasn’t sure whether to soak it before blocking, or spritz once I have it shaped. Any tips?

  2. Heidi / June 23, 2016

    No fair! I JUST ordered yarn to finish a couple of projects that have been sitting around waiting for me to get around to it. But now I want some! I have no idea what I’d make with it, since I’ve never even tried lace knitting. I’d probably end up letting it sit around so I can pet it until it has more fur than my cat.