Learn to Knit a Lacy Spa Cloth

Lace is really hard for me. I’ve tried it a few times and had no good results. I’m resolving to try again, however, and in doing so, I’m going to start with the basics. As much as I would love to try the patterns in Joyful Lace, and go forth with our new 100% silk yarn, Luminance, I will start small. So I’m going to cast on with our cotton yarn Dishie, and try to knit a Lacy Spa Cloth.

With a super repeatable pattern that I can memorize really quickly, I think this will be a fast project where I can repeat my yarn overs and get used to how things look on the needles, before I progress to larger patterns. The texture reminds me of those string market bags you see at the Farmer’s Market all summer long. Maybe I’ll try my hand at one of those, next!

If you want to learn to knit a Lacy Spa Cloth, here are some handy links:

Lacy Spa Cloth Free Pattern

Dishie Yarn