KP Classroom: Learn to Knit Cables

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Welcome to the Knit Picks Classroom, where you can polish up your crafting education from the comfort of your own couch! Each month we will focus on a specific skill. This month you’ll learn how to knit cables.

Happy Homework

The Knotted Cables Washcloth is free, and oh-so-lovely!

Free Knotted Cables Dishcloth pattern from

The Cable Me Cozy pillow cover free pattern will dress up any room! The super bulky yarn knits up quick, making for a fun project or last-minute gift.

Free Cable Me Cozy Pillow Cover pattern from

The Online Classroom

Grab a mug of tea, find a cozy spot on the couch, and watch the free How to Cable for Beginners tutorial

How to Cables for Beginners Tutorial from

Another great tutorial is Advanced Cabling Techniques, where you learn how to create multiple crossing cables.

Advanced Cabling Techniques tutorial from

Classroom Supplies

Can’t go to school without supplies! We make it easy with the Not Afraid of Cables Kit, for 20% off. Cables can be scary, but this handy assortment of tools has everything needed to tackle this fundamental and beautiful technique without fear.

Not Afraid of Cables Kit from

Required Reading (at 40% off)

Cable Left, Cable Right: 94 Knitted Cables eliminates the mystery with detailed, in-depth instructions for creating 94 different styles of cable, from perfectly plain to fantastically fancy. Close-up photos and clear instructions teach you the techniques you need, including design options like braids, diamonds, and pretzels so you can make your cables truly one-of-a-kind.

Cable Left, Cable Right: 94 Knitted Cables book from

Imagine yourself lakeside, snuggled up under a warm blanket as you sip a cup of tea and watch the sun set. The Woodsmoke Cable Collection will transport you there with projects full of rich textures, deep colors, and a new twist on traditional cables.

Woodsmoke Cable Collection from

You’re well on your way to earning your PhD (Professor of Handmade Delights). We can’t wait to see the cables you’ll make!