Knitting angora love for my feet!

As you know, I went a bit crazy at the Sock Summit this summer! I am industriously knitting my way through the collection of yarns I could not resist!

Gail Smith from Windsor Farms Rabbitry is an evil woman! Her booth at Sock Summit had skeins and skeins of lovely angora yarns just hanging around begging to be pet. But, that is just the bait to draw you into Gail’s clutches. Once you get close enough, she pounces and thrusts a hand knit sock into your hands. You think, “Not that special”. Oh, you poor innocent creature! Little do you know that you are trapped!

Gail then gives you an identical replica of the first sock but this one has been hand-washed and air dried. Wow! So soft!! Of course, I immediately asked, “Can the yarn be machine washed?” Her comes Gail’s wicked smile as she hands me a sock that has been machine washed and tossed in a dryer. I thought I was holding a baby Angora bunny!!

Two skeins of plain white, Angora sock yarn flew into my bag!! The next trick was to find a pattern that would allow space for the fibers to fluff. I didn’t want a lacy sock because I plan on wearing these socks a lot during the winter and I wanted them to feel “sturdy”.

Nancy Bush’s book, Knitting On The Road, has a wonderful variety of sock patterns that Nancy has “translated” from antique published patterns.

I chose the Child’s First Sock that Nancy has re-written to fit a woman’s foot. The shell pattern is exactly what I wanted. I also took the precaution of going up one size from my usual sock knitting needle. That way I know there will be room for the fibers to fluff up later.

As you can see, I’ve turned the heel and picked up the heel stitches. Just a few more hours of knitting and then I can start on the second sock. Of, course, I’ve been trying it on as I go and it fits perfectly!! <