Knitters for Knockers PDX

Three years ago Bob (my husband) and I came home and fell into our usual routine. I checked phone messages while he sorted and opened the mail. There was a message from my sister with a shaky voice saying she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. As we listened to the message and it began to sink in, Bob opened a note to me reminding me that I was due for my yearly mammogram! How’s that for motivation!?

My sister has had a rough three years but she is now cancer free. Yesterday she called to tell me that she had shot her best golf score EVER!!

Before “Sissy” was diagnosed I had participated in our local Susan G. Komen Walk/Race for the Cure regularly. I would meet up with a group of women from work at a MAX (city train service) station and ride into the center of Portland. As the train got closer to town it began to look like a pink party!!

This year I am taking the plunge and I am leading a team called Knitters for Knockers PDX. There are walks all around the country and I know there are other Knitters for Knockers teams. If you don’t live in the Portland, Oregon area, check out the Susan B. Komen website and see if there is a Knitters for Knockers team for your local walk. If not, you may want to consider leading a team on your own or with a couple of friends.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be updating the team page with projects, reminders, ideas, tips, etc. I’ll also be blogging about them for any other Knitters for Knockers teams. If you have led or been in a team and have any suggestions PLEASE leave a blog comment. I would appreciate any advice. <