Everybody, I’m more excited than a kid on Christmas morning to introduce you to our newest yarn line. It’s a yarn I have wanted us to carry for ages, because the softness, lightness, and warmth are just incredible.

Wonderfluff is our new alpaca blend bulky weight yarn, and it’s so incredible, the entire office has been knitting Wonderfluff projects ever since it arrived a few weeks ago. What makes this yarn so special? Well, the construction is totally unique for us. It starts with a tube of strong, lightweight nylon mesh, and then the alpaca and merino fibers are blown into it, so that the tube catches and holds all the fibers securely. But because the fibers are blown in, not spun, there is also a lot of air trapped between the fibers, so even though the yarn knits up at a bulky weight, it’s so lightweight and feathery it just floats. This means you can make all sorts of bulky projects without them being super-heavy. I’m knitting an Inland cardigan in Bare and Finnley Heather right now, and I’ve previously made a version in Wool of the Andes Bulky. My Wonderfluff version feels like it weighs nothing compared to it, and it is SO soft. I mean, it’s hard to overstate how soft this yarn is- it’s right up there with every adorable baby animal I’ve ever cuddled. Don’t believe me? You can get a FREE BALL for yourself and decide! Just do a bit of shopping and spend $50 USD or more, and enter the code FREEBIE16 at checkout. We’ll include a free ball of Wonderfluff (in our choice of color) along with your order – but hurry, the offer is only until October 19th!

Wonderfluff from
If you’re skeptical that one ball is enough to make a project, fear not! Each 50g ball has 142 yards (130 meters), and it has proven plenty to make a wide variety of projects. Stacey completed a Ripley hat on size 8 needles with one ball, and Alison made a Bandana Scarf with one ball of Cobblestone Heather.


Holly was able to complete the Walking on the Moon sweater with just 4 balls of Wonderfluff on size 15 needles. Because of the fiber’s halo, even on large needles the fibers intertwine and fluff up to fill in the gaps between stitches, so there aren’t any cold spots. The gorgeous heathered colors are so lovely and feel perfect for autumn.


I’m so thrilled with this yarn, and ready make even more projects with it.  I’m also so excited to see what you make with it! So treat yourself to $50 worth of goodies, and grab your free skein of the amazing Wonderfluff  until October 19th with the promo FREEBIE16. Happy crafting!


  1. Meghan / January 5, 2017

    Is wonderfluff ok for knitting cables, or is it too fuzzy?

  2. Rachel / October 19, 2016

    Aww just missed the promotion!! I was hoping it was going to last through the day of the 19th. Ah well!

  3. Amanda / October 14, 2016

    I would absolutely love to try this yarn, it sounds wonderful.

  4. Linda Peterson / October 13, 2016

    Is it hand washable ?

    • admin / October 19, 2016

      Yes Linda, Wonderfluff can be hand-washed and dried flat.