New! Complete Yarn Guide 2016
You may have noticed that our catalog got little makeover a few months ago. As soon as we started planning the new look, we realized that having a complementary book of all of our current yarns would be a great idea, since they’re no longer included in the catalog. So as our graphic designer, I was in charge of putting it together. With hundreds of items, it was a lot of information to wrangle into a beautiful, cohesive package. I wanted to be sure that it was easy to use and that all of the photos were color-corrected so they’d be as accurate as possible for those consulting the yarn guide for color reference. I know how important that is for any knitter or crocheter, especially for projects with multiple colors, like Fair Isle. In fact, Knit Picks staff has used the yarn guide ourselves in several collection planning meetings for that very reason.
swish page
Every single yarn line and yarn color Knit Picks carries as of May 2016 is in our new Complete Yarn Guide: 2016, including all of our Bare yarns. Yarn weight, fiber content, knitting and crochet gauge, and care instructions are included for each line. There’s even an index in the back which cross-references each line by weight and by fiber content, so if you need an alpaca lace-weight yarn, you can easily see what we offer and go right to Alpaca Cloud on page 9, for instance. Now it’s super convenient to find yarns that match that new pattern you’re dying to make.
alpaca cloud page
We plan on updating the Yarn Guide once a year with all of the new colors and yarn lines that have come out since the last one. The print version is really lovely- we used the same printer as for our collection books, so it has that wonderful heavy matte cover and rich, smooth pages. There’s a PDF of the yarn guide available to download for free here, but do be aware that monitor colors vary a lot and the colors won’t be as accurate as the print version.
So check out the Complete Yarn Guide: 2016  here. I hope it will be as helpful for you as it has been for us, at Knit Picks!




  1. Michaela Rimer / June 10, 2016

    Thank you so much. That is exactly what I needed, since I’m planning on increasing my depleted yarn stash. My husband will so hate me.

  2. Kathi Sherron / June 10, 2016

    What a fantastic idea! I look forward to seeing the print version. Knit Picks – one of my favorite yarn companies.