Intarsia gone wild!

In the past I’ve shared different techniques that I’m learning.  I finally tried Fair Isle last summer, which I absolutely love!  Also, I shared that my grandson wants a lego hat. (that decision was after I convinced him he didn’t really want a skeleton hat!) After lots of research and asking all of you, I’ve decided there wasn’t a hat pattern out there that fit my idea of what the hat should look like.  So, as is so usual for me, I did things the hard way!!  I’ve created a pattern! But the only way to get the pattern to look the way I wanted it to look, was to do intarsia, a technique I had yet to learn!  The hat is not done, but it’s on its way! (I’ll blog later with the complete hat on my grandson).

I would have loved to show you the completed hat today, but other things took up my time and got in the way of finishing. Oh that and a bit of ripping! I also have a fun detail that isn’t yet showing.

I decided to use our new yarn line, Brava. I’m using worsted weight for this project. I never thought I would say this, but it’s by far the softest, most wonderful premium acrylic I’ve ever worked with.  Not only to touch but to knit with. I don’t understand the squeaking issue, I’m not experiencing that! The colors were perfect for blocks and of course it needs to be washable for an 8 year old boy!  I’m rather dreading all the weaving of the ends (kind of looks like a rats nest, right?)  I also need to work on my twisting technique when changing colors, don’t want any holes popping out!

hat inside

Remember the skeleton hat that I really didn’t want to make?  Well I decided I was going to make him that one as well (I’m such a good nana!)

Have fun knitting and don’t be afraid to try new techniques, it surprising how much simpler it is to do than it looks!