There are some rules that even the owner of Knit Picks can’t break. In preparation for yarn launches, we always receive boxes in advance for knitting up photo samples for the catalog. These yarns are absolutely sacrosanct since everything has been allocated to sample knitters or the photography department.

Yeah, right! Imagine walking into a room filled with all sort of new yarns and/or new colors and not being able to immediately be able to sweep up an armful and head for the nearest comfortable chair – that is my torture. I like to believe that everyone else has a crutch to lean on because their jobs depend on the “proper” dispensation of the limited yarn supplies. But, I’m supposed to be knitting! That’s my job!

When I was finally able to get my hands on the lace yarns, I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed. Where to start? Time to take a step back and find a pattern. I wanted something that would show off the color of my choice and be relatively quick to knit.

Thank you, Sue Giesige! Your Spring Fling is exactly what I needed.

And, I was able to make it allow me to play with two colors!! I decided to knit half of the scarf/stole with one color and the other half with another. I chose Blue Yonder and Deep Waters in Shadow Tonal, but Queen Anne and Golden Glow came in a close second. Of course, you don’t have to use Shadow Tonal.

Along my theme of Half & Half, a couple of Alpaca Cloud pairings could be Waltz and Tidepool or Foxtrot and Iris. Gloss Lace Sterling and Ultramarine or Carrot and Fiesta are other possibilities.

Spring Fling is a joy to knit – only four rows in the repeat with two of them being purls. It’s very easy to memorize which actually makes it a nice project to carry around. This is the first time I have used Zephyr needles with lace knitting and I love them!!! The back half of each stitch becomes blurred by the clear acrylic while the front half is clearly visible. I can’t believe how easy it is to see the thin lace yarn! The Zephyr’s have become my new favorite Options tips for lace knitting – a bit sticky, nice sharp points and the stitches are so easy to work when you can see them clearly.

I know the knitting doesn’t look anything like Sue’s finished project.

Remember that it always happens when you are knitting lace. The fine yarn just can’t hold it’s own form until you block the finished item. Then the magic happens. If you have never knit lace before I suggest you try Spring Fling and don’t worry about the ugle, scraggly thing growing from your needles. It will be fine!