Hypnotic Spirals!

I have a new design out! Introducing, the Tilt-a-Whirl Spiral Kit! (in Blue or Brown!)

Spiral knitting is a simple trick that produces jog-less stripes which twist and spiral up the piece like a barber pole! It can be worked on DPNs or circular needles, and in this project is used for socks, fingerless mitts, and a slouchy beret. I got to use some of my favorite colors of Stroll Hand Paints in this kit, and the resulting pieces are lightweight, fun to knit, and easy to wear.

Trying to name this kit was a challenge, but we all loved the fun colors so much, we decided to go with something that we had (mostly) fun memories of:

I haven’t been on one of these in waaaaaay too long!

Happy Spring everyone, and happy spring knitting!