How Wide?

I’m at the point in the pattern where I can add a few extra repeats to increase the width (height?) of this shawl. In fact, I’ve already added two extra repeats, but I’m wondering if I should add more? There will be the last section of the lace body which is probably another 2 inches plus a border later that is about 3 to 4 inches. So, the total width would be about 25″ if I continued on now without adding any more repeats. I love my shawls to be really wide so I can scrunch them up (lace scrunches so nicely) around my neck and shoulders to stay warm.

Do you think I should add more repeats or go with the width as it is?

Pattern: Lady’s Circular Cape from Victorian Lace Today (except I am only doing 9 repeats instead of 12 hoping that it will not turn out quite so full and ruffly)
Yarn: Shadow in Spring Green Heather
Needles: US Size 5 Harmony Wood circular <