How to Spin Yarn on a Drop Spindle

During the very first sock summit (which was almost three years ago, back in 2009!), I got overtaken by all of the fiber fumes and came home with a drop spindle. I hadn’t the faintest clue as to what I was going to do with said drop spindle, but I knew I needed one everytime I walked past someone drop spindling as they were standing around, waiting in line, or just hanging out. After I recovered from the fiber festivities, I tucked my drop spindle away in one of my craft containers.

Finally a year or so later, I dusted off my drop spindle after a visit to an alpaca farm where I couldn’t resist buying some fiber. From then on out, every few weeks I would break out my spindle to spin up a bit of fiber. It took a while to get the feel for drafting, but every time it got easier and more natural.

If you have ever been intrigued by making your own yarn or spinning with a drop spindle, we have an entire 6-part series video class to help you get started! Kelley’s Drop Spindling Class covers everything from terminology to drafting, finishing, and even plying your yarn. It really is so much fun and a great way to play with fiber!

Here is the very first video in the 6-part series where Kelley gives you a basic overview of the drop spindle and an introduction to the spinning process.

Spinning  with a drop spindle is an easy, affordable, and fun way to make your very own yarn. All you need is a drop spindle and some fiber, and you are set to start spinning! If you are just starting to experiment with a drop spindle for the first time, I’d recommend our Wool of the Andes roving. Not only does it come in beautifully heathered shades, but it also has a longer staple length which makes learning the drafting process easier. The Wool of the Andes roving is also available in bare, which means you can completely customize your yarn from start to finish by dyeing it the color of your choice!

Other things I really love about drop spindling is that it is small. This means that I can easily tuck it away into one of my crafting or project bins and I don’t have to worry about making more space to store something larger like a spinning wheel. Because of its smaller size, drop spindling is also quite portable! You can easily store it in your project bag and bring it with you to your friend’s house or out to your craft night.

I’m also (extremely) happy to report that I have been sticking to my crafting goals that I set for myself earlier this year and have ventured into the world of learning to spin with a wheel. And I have to say that I have never been so thankful for my experience with my drop spindle. Having a feel for drafting with a drop spindle was an incredible skill that translated to a good experience at the spinning wheel.

You can find all of Kelley’s videos on drop spindling here:

Kelley’s Drop Spindling Class

Having you tried making your own yarn with a drop spindle before?