Hey, Ladies! Behind the Scenes of Sock Yarn Scarves

Since starting these behind the scenes videos, I’ve wanted to introduce you to the team that does our pattern books. sys3

Finally, the video for Sock Yarn Scarves does just that! You’ll meet Hannah, our Catalog Director, who books the spaces where we shoot, and the models. She also styles the garments, and buys the clothing and accessories to go with the featured knitted items.


Amy, our talented photographer, knows just the right angles to shoot these kind of photos. She gets the best expressions from the models, uses light in really creative ways, and features the texture of the knits really beautifully.


I haven’t been working at Knit Picks for a very long time. When I came on board and suggested to the team that we start making these behind the scenes videos (they’re something I love to see from the companies to which I am loyal), I thought there would be so many more people at the shoots. Most catalog shoots have at least one or two Stylists, an Art Director, a Prop Master, a hair and make-up team, etc. etc.) Instead, it really is just Hannah, Amy, and a lovely model or two for the collection…and now me! Working at Knit Picks sometimes means wearing many hats, and that makes it so much fun.


I’ve lived in the Northwest for a while now, but these shoots have taken me inside interesting spaces, and to outdoor areas I haven’t explored yet. I hope you enjoy taking a peek behind the scenes of our collections. Over time, you may get to know our team even better, and hopefully these videos will always entice you with new things to knit and crochet. The collections themselves have certainly done that for me!

If you haven’t seen the video, it’s here: Behind the Scenes: Sock Yarn Scarves