Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we’re having a “pot(luck) at the end of the rainbow”. Doesn’t everything look delicious? Alison baked that bread from scratch. I had no idea she was so multi-talented!

In addition to wearing a green sweater and gorging myself on bread, vegetable pie, red pepper and asparagus curry, strawberries, and chocolate, I’ve decided to get into the spirit of the day by making a list of all our green yarns. I love making lists. Here we go.

Lace weight:
Lost Lake Heather (Shadow)
Moss Heather (Alpaca Cloud)
Tide Pool Heather (Alpaca Cloud)

Fingering weight:
Green (Palette)
Mint (Palette)
Grass (Palette)
Ivy (Palette)

Terrain Twist (Essential)
Lily Pad Multi (Essential)
Meadow Multi (…
Woodland Sage (Gloss)
Arugula (Felici)
Grass (Risata)
Sport weight:
Cilantro Heather (Telemark)
Rosemary (Telemark)
Pesto (Telemark)

Grass (Shine Sport)
Green Apple (Shine Sport)

Moss Heather (Andean Treasure)
DK weight:
Lime (Crayon Boucle)
Spumoni (Twist)
Moss (Merino Style)
Asparagus (Merino Style)

Key Lime (Cot Lin)
Moss (Swish DK)
Asparagus (Swish DK)

Grass (Elegance)
Worsted weight:
Pampas Heather (Wool of the Andes)
Thyme (Wool of the Andes)

Grass (Shine Worsted)
Green Apple (Shine Worsted)

Dougherty (Shamrock)
Aloe (Swish Worsted)
Lemongrass Heather (Swish Worsted)
Jade (Swish…

Silver Sage (Main Line)
Olive (Andean Silk)
Lettuce (Andean Silk)

Bulky weight:
Empress Green (Quarry Boucle)
Moss (Twirl Boucle)
Emerald (Wool of the Andes Bulky)
Leaf (Cadena)
Ireland (Wool of the Andes Bulky Hand Dye)
Super Bulky:
Fern Heather (Suri Dream)
Jade (Suri Dream)

Emerald Isle (Suri Dream Hand Dyed)

Wow, that’s a lot of green! Asparagus, Avocado, Pesto- all our yarns have such yummy names that making this list has made me hungry again. Potluck table here I come! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! <