Getting ready for Fall ….er, Spring?!

It’s so odd as a garment designer always working several seasons ahead. We’re just about to start work on some new Fall patterns – warm, richly colored, cozy knits. But as for me? I can’t wait to don my summer dresses already! Give me SPRING!

I am so glad for yarns like Shine Worsted and the new Comfy. They allow me to swatch new cable patterns and ideas for fall, but use a warmer-weather palette. Right now with the sun shining over my shoulder, I can’t even think of donning a wool coat – which makes designing one pretty hard to do! But with cottons, I don’t have to worry about the heat of the yarn getting in the way of my sun-shiny daydreams. Not to mention the bright, warm colors look fabulous against my Spring wardrobe!

But I must say I am just drooling for the new Fall yarns. The colors are gorgeous, the textures decadent. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Well, ok, maybe I can wait. I don’t want to miss Spring! <