Happy Earth Day!

Mr. MuddyBin, our rolling composter, wishes you a happy Earth Day.

Tonight’s celebration includes a viewing of “An Inconvenient Truth” – my husband still hasn’t seen it, and he thinks I just like it because I have a crush on Al Gore.

I also thought I’d share something interesting that I learned this week about Shine Worsted and Shine Sport. I knew that both yarns contain Modal, and I knew that Modal is a cellulose-based fiber that’s smooth and shiny. What I didn’t realize, until writing a tutorial for the Knitting Community, is that Modal has a great eco track record. It’s made by an Austrian company, Lenzing, out of beech wood harvested from local tree farms that practice sustainability. The byproducts from Modal production are used in a number of different industrial applications – for example, the leftover wood sugars are further refined to make sweeteners. Lenzing has won awards for the way that it has crafted its textile production chain in a responsible (and sustainable) manner. Just a little something to keep in mind the next time you cast on with Shine! <