Great New Books (at 40% Off)!

Our book sale has come around again! That means 40% off all titles in stock! So along with your yarn order, have a browse to see if any books take your fancy. Here’s a few that just might be perfect for your change-of-season crafting!


Oh, I do love a baby knits book. My younger daughter is almost 2, so I’m having a sentimental moment where most of these books include sizes that will be too small for her. I can no longer finish something for her in about a week. No matter! Friends of mine will never be done having babies, so I peruse these books for projects perfect for those special deliveries around me. Vintage Knits for Babies is truly gorgeous.


Do you know Martin Storey? He’s one of my very favorite designers, ever.  Seriously. I have old Rowan magazines, from back in the day, with designs of his I’m still planning to make. His new book Big Knits, offers classic garments in a wide range of sizes including larger ones, with a few great accessories, thrown in there, as well. Stylish and well thought out, these are pieces that will pair nicely with things you already have in your wardrobe.


Remember my adventures is dyeing? I learned a lot from Hannah, but I still haven’t gone very far on my own accord. The Modern Natural Dyer is so beautiful that it has rekindled my interest in dyeing from natural materials. Even if I never try it again, looking through this book will keep me educated on the topic and in love with the process itself. Now at 40% off, I have no excuse not to pick up a copy of this (and so many other) gorgeous books.