Game Day’s Body

This post was originally sent via email for our Summer Knit Along.

In our last email we talked about the Game Day Cardigan’s ribbing, and after the ribbing is a row with a large number of decreases. The ribbing was worked on a smaller needle to create a dense, stretchy rib, but to achieve that density without having it pull in at the hips, it needed more stitches than the stockinette body on larger needles. That means a lot of decreases need to be knit, all at once! If you’ve never used this trick before, it likely sounds strange, but trust the process, and it’ll look great.

Once you’ve knit that row, welcome to stockinette land! Because this is a gender-neutral pattern without chest or hip shaping, it has a large amount of straight stockinette after the ribbing. The pattern will tell you how many inches long your cardigan should be before dividing for the armhole, assuming you’d like it to match the length given on the schematic, but if you’d like a shorter or longer sweater, this is where you have the chance to make that change.

“I love stockinette because it allows me to make progress on my project and watch a lot of Netflix. If the pattern is complicated, I don’t pay attention to the show, and then I get in trouble for asking questions about what is happening in the storyline, so stockinette keeps me out of trouble.” – Jen Burt

“I’ll admit that plain stockinette sometimes bores me, and I’ll often set down a stockinette project for weeks or months and ignore it, but I also love having it around to be able to pick it up when the mood strikes. I used to knit plain stockinette sweaters in movie theaters, and while I don’t go to theaters these days, I will watch a good movie at home with the lights off for a theatrical experience with my plain project in my hands. I also love getting sucked into a good show – I’m currently in the middle of Outer Range and loving it! I watch plenty of TV while knitting, but when I’m especially into a show like this one, I appreciate being able to keep my eyes on the screen and not needing to check in with my stitch patterning!” – Lee Meredith

“I love watching TV while I knit, and I save up foreign language shows to watch while knitting big chunks of stockinette! I set little goals for myself to get a realistic number of rows done per episode I watch, and the extra work of reading at the same time makes the whole process more engaging. Stockinette is ideal for learning to knit by touch so you can knit and read at the same time, and practicing with subtitled TV shows gives you the opportunity to check your work during breaks in dialogue. I’m currently watching a Korean zombie show called Kingdom that I adore.” – Andi Satterlund

“I tend to read or listen to audiobooks a lot while knitting. A favorite I read during this stretch of knitting was Stanley Tucci’s lovely memoir Taste: My Life Through Food. It was extremely charming and funny and I could lose myself in his stories–although it also made me very hungry reading it. If you prefer listening while knitting, the audiobook, read by Tucci himself, is wonderful as well.” – Stacey Winklepleck

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